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To help you like him more, I'm fairly sure Wan is what the japanese think dogs say, and ko I "think" means child.

So it's like, cute dog noise puppy.

Disclaimer: Don't know japanese.

An amusing little animation, gotta love HPC ;)

You got the style spot on. Mimicking the style of an animator who is known for their mimickry.

Some pornception going on here.

Good work ;)

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Awesome so far :D.

Only got to the room with 3 rotating spike things with the green ghost so far, but... that room makes me sad :(

deathink responds:

There is a special little something in that room!

That was incredible. Extremely fun, and an oddly compelling story despite the clicheness of it.

I cannot fault this on anything, perfect level of difficulty, hard enough to push you, but no so hard that it's annoying (unless you get gangbanged by 3 mutants at once with one holding ur gunner :P).

Well played sir, well played.

Best single player RPG I have played Since EBF3 and Skyrim.

Makes me wish Square enix would take notes.

You do not need a pretty graphics system for the game, merely a good game. Hell the plot is lack luster, but is enough in combination to great music and cute artwork. And the battle system is far superior to anything Square have released since final fantasy on the PS1, and even then, this is far more tactical.

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Stellar as always mate.

If I had to offer constructive criticism, it would only be that the intro feels a little crowded to me. But I am pretty tone deaf, so I can be safely ignored :P

Burn7 responds:

I can definitely agree that the beginning seems smushed together. It's all being pumped through a single sound gate and I HATE IT... But as long as you liked it really I suppose that's good news :D

Shame the game will not see the light of day.

Hope you get to show off proper soon :P

Burn7 responds:

Hah, I think putting it up on Newgrounds to give it the chance to be enjoyed by at least a few other people should count as "showing it off proper", but I do get what you mean.

And although I wouldn't want to use the song if someone else ended up borrowing it for their whathaveyou(game/movie/erotic audiobook) and then somehow we ended up actually making that game... I'd just write a shitload of new songs :P

But thanks for the review as always!

Would definitely make a good tune to play during a survival style battle :p

good work!

Burn7 responds:

Hahah! Thanks Seph, glad you're still floating around the portal to be able to check out the random musical droppings I secrete through this site and others :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review!!

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Ever wondered what the machines in the matrix did with the excess power?
Now we know.

Nice bit of art :D

You are such a tease man ;)

Dayum. I love the colouring, awesome work :)

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